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Driven in Mastering April 11, 2016 

Recording Finished 

I spent some time on the beach last night gazing at the stars and listening to the final mixes of DRIVEN to see if there are any more edits to be made before I send it to Reuben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering for the icing on the cake. I've been working with Reuben since my City Beat album in 2010.  He's fantastic and he's won some GRAMMYs since then.  Lurssen does all the big acts inlcuding Pharell Williams' hit "Happy". (

I'm so proud of this album. It started as a passion project of something I wanted to do for myself. It's been hard to stay focused and, ironically, driven to complete it with some challenging life experiences.  I lost someone three days before Christmas that was the closest person to me for three years.  It still weighs heavy on my heart.  However, I'm pressing on and I hope that the quality of the music and recordings of this album speak for themselves.  I put together an all-star cast of musicians and producers that took my ideas to a very high level of achievement that I would put up against anything on radio today, Pop or Jazz.  Even though I'm finishing the album I do not have a release date at this time.

Above: Reuben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering

Driven Album update Oct, 2016 


(October 17, 2015) "The Driven album has progressed into the mixing and editing stages.  I've been listening in my car almost every day making mental notes of it's final direction.  Since we are so late into the year with Christmas coming up, I decided to postpone it's release to spring of 2016.  - Michael J Thomas


Recording 'My Love' and enjoying Atlanta with Music Producer Trammell Starks.


(July 23, 2015) "I'm about seven months into recording my new album ‪#‎driven‬ and I would say it's about 85% complete.  It will now be a 2016 release.  I'm so fortunate to have access to the talent that is performing on this record. My musical ideas would be nothing without the ability and creativity of the musicians/producers I'm surrounded by that take it to the next level.  It is an eclectic mix of my roots in Smooth Jazz as a saxophonist blended with my R&B/Pop style vocals.  This record will include exceptional musicians that I've worked with in the past as well as some new friends.  I'm proud to be working again with guitarist Shannon Wallace of WPI Studios, co-producer, co-writer, and mixing engineer from my first nationally released title City Beat (2010).    Eric Lampley, bassist and long time friend, also is performing on almost every track.  Yet again Music Man Dre Forbes returns to produce a track on the new album; he produced my top 20 Billboard hit in 2011, I Think About Amy.

I’m ecstatic to be working with London pianist Oli Silk.  Silk is producing and tracking some of the songs for the album including Get Your Smooth On featuring Oli Silk.  Simply Red's guitarist Mark Jaimes joins Silk to perform on those songs..  Frank "Third", Richardson, drummer Dave Koz Summer Horns Tour, along with drummer Omari Williams (Boney James) are driving the album on all but two of the cuts.  Another newcomer for me to work with is pianist Gino Rosaria.  I met Gino in 2013 and had the privilege of playing shows with him.  He's worked with guitarist Eric Essix and flautist Althea Rene. I love working with all of these musicians/producers.  My latest addition to the Driven album family is keyboardist/producer Trammell Starks from Atlanta. He is co-writing a song that I began writing in April titled "My Love". We met through our mutual vocalist phenom friend Geoff McBride.  They all bring that extra little touch that is going to make this album something I can be proud of, which I hope you will enjoy."
- Michael J Thomas