"I'm pleased to announce that I am currently writing and recording for my upcoming album release for this summer.  It is an eclectic mix of my roots in Smooth Jazz as a saxophonist blended with my R&B/Pop style vocals.  This record will include exceptional musicians that I've worked with in the past as well as some new friends.  I'm proud to be working again with guitarist Shannon Wallace of WPI Studios, co-producer, co-writer, and mixing engineer from my first nationally released title City Beat (2010).    Eric Lampley, bassist and long time friend, also is joining in on the fun.  Yet again Music Man Dre Forbes returns to produce a couple of tracks on the new album; known famously for his production role on my top 20 Billboard hit in 2011, I Think About Amy.

I’m ecstatic to be working with London pianist Oli Silk.  Silk is producing and tracking some of the songs for the album including Get Your Smooth On featuring Oli Silk.  Simply Red's guitarist Mark Jaimes joins Silk to perform on those songs..  Frank "Third", Richardson, drummer Dave Koz Summer Horns Tour, performs on three of the instrumental tracks and TAMA endorsed drummer Marcus Thomas will also play a vital roll on the album by adding his flavor to songs that have just started production.  I had the pleasure of Marcus drumming for my show at Seabreeze Jazz Festival in 2014 and his fire enhanced the overall mood on stage.  Another newcomer for me to work with is pianist Gino Rosaria.  I met Gino in 2013 and had the privilege of playing shows with him.  He's worked with guitarist Eric Essix and flautist Althea Rene. I love working with all of these musicians/producers.  They all bring that extra little touch that is going to make this album something I can be proud of, which I hope you will enjoy."
- Michael J Thomas


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